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Jon Heyman Dishes On Jim Riggleman

Jon Heyman's latest focuses on Jim Riggleman's decision to resign. Heyman notes that this isn't the first time Riggleman had considered resigning. He also writes that he believes the club should have picked up Riggleman's option:

Picking up the option was the least Washington could do. Riggleman had earned it by guiding the Nationals - without Strasburg or Harper and with star third baseman Ryan Zimmerman missing 58 games -- to a winning record this late in the season for the first time in six years.

Other notes--

  • Mets SS Jose Reyes is more likely to stay with the team than Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez, because he is 27 years old and a key to any team's future.
  • The Orioles are trying to sign SS J.J. Hardy (who will be a free agent in 2012) to a multiyear deal.
  • According to one scout, Phillies closer Ryan Madson is "earning a lot of money" with his lights out season.
  • No realignment being discussed by major-league baseball would get rid of divisions.