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Diamondbacks Release Melvin Mora

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The Diamondbacks have announced that third baseman Melvin Mora has been released today, and the move is official according to's transaction page.

Arizona signed the 39-year-old Mora to a one-year, $2.35 million contract over the winter after he spent the 2010 season with the Rockies. Mora was expected to get significant playing time at third base this year after hitting .285/.358/.421 with Colorado last season, but his numbers fell across the board in 135 plate appearances to kick off 2011. Ryan Roberts has taken over for Mora at third base, and has already accumulated 2.1 WAR this season thanks to quality all-around play.

The move allows the D-Backs to free up a 25-man roster spot, which will likely go to Geoff Blum once he returns from the disabled list soon. At 39, this appears to be the end of a good run for Mora- if he retires now, he'll finish his career with a solid 28.6 WAR. It's easy to forget that he was a solid 4-5 WAR player during his peak, including a big 6.2 WAR in 2006 when he hit .340/.419/.562 with 27 homers as the AL's top offensive player (I'm serious).