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Rosenthal Dishes on Cubs, Giants, Rangers, Nationals, Marlins

The Cubs are worse off than we thought and can't do much about it, according to Ken Rosenthal. At 11 games back, their biggest problem is that they have several huge contracts they can't move, including Alfonso Soriano, Aramis Ramirez, and the ranting Carlos Zambrano.

Despite Jim Hendry's accomplishments as general manager, Rosenthal suggests his time with the team is nearing an end. Hendry's contract with the Cubs ends after the 2011 season.

Other MLB news and rumors: 

  • The Giants have managed a new look yet again, and manager Bruce Bochy is doing is continuing to play the hot hand. The question is whether anything will work to change the NL's next-to-last scoring offense.
  • The Giants' current SS, Brandon Crawford, is playing well defensively. If that's enough to overcome his .250 batting average as Bochy believes, that takes the team out of the Jose Reyes sweepstakes.
  • Rangers are showing interest in Washington Nationals' Todd Coffey, and might be willing to move center fielder Julio Borbon in order to acquire him.
  • However, the Nationals biggest interest at the moment is B.J. Upton. This could be a possibility if the Rays fall out of contention.
  • Florida Marlins may be on the market for some experience bullpen help, and have some young arms in their system to move including Jose Ceda at Triple-A and Sandy Rosario and Jhan Marinez at Double-A.