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Olney Dishes on 2011 MLB Draft, Nationals, Mariners, Oakland

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How will the 2011 MLB Draft change the scope of baseball in the years ahead? Buster Olney notes (insider only) that the teams that most closely observe slot recommendations have the worst farm systems. That can't be good if the Commissioner wants the slot system to stick, right?

Other MLB News, Rumors, and Speculation:

  • Nationals could be looking at moving their first round draft pick, Anthony Rendon, to second base. This move, along with moving Danny Espinosa to shortstop and potentially picking up Prince Fielder, could make for a freaking scary lineup filled with first round talent (and Scott Boras clients).
  • The Mariners had actually been targetting Danny Hultzen for a long time, and thought Anthony Rendon's strength as a hitter might be offset by Safeco Field.
  • Oakland should officially become sellers in the coming days, writes Olney, and both Grant Balfour and Josh Willingham might be on the table.
  • The Brewers' pick, Taylor Jungman, could actually help the team in the bullpen this year