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Rangers make move of the year, draft paralyzed outfielder

One of the classiest moves to date coming from the Rule IV draft today with the Texas Rangers drafting Georgia outfielder Johnathan Taylor, who was partially-paralyzed in an outfield collision this year, according to

The Rangers have been keeping tabs on Taylor since he was in high school, and most area scouts begin to form relationships with these players in order to closely monitor their progress. Area scout Ryan Coe and Taylor formed a close bond and the Rangers always liked his passion and ability.

"We thought selecting Johnathan was the right thing to do," Kip Flagg, the Rangers’ director of amateur scouting, wrote in a statement. "We would have drafted him either way, regardless of any other circumstances involving his injury or Zach’s draft status.

Taylor hopes to walk again, but doctors say most people with injuries like his don't regain full use of their legs. The Rangers also drafted Georgia outfielder and first-round pick Zach Cone, who was involved in the collision with Taylor. He was thrilled to hear about the Rangers move.

"I was already planning on going over to see him, and now we can talk about the Rangers," Cone said after hearing Taylor was drafted, according to Georgia. "This made my day. It’s just awesome, and I’m so happy for him."

Most players have an idea of who has been looking at them come draft day, and whether or not that trail is a long one, for the Rangers to select him, regardless of whether he plays again or not, is an extremely moving gesture.