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Rosenthal Dishes On White Sox, Tigers, A's, NL Central

AL Central

The White Sox are currently 8th in the AL for runs scored and will need Adam Dunn and Alex Rios to come around if they expect to contend, says Ken Rosenthal. The team has $24 million wrapped up in the two combined and should be getting better production from them, but Rosenthal expects them to get better over the course of the season.

Staying in the AL Central, Rosenthal notes that the Tigers are one of those teams that are "pretty good all around." With the team firing on all cylinders, he notes that the bullpen has had its issues but are still doing well. The big surprise of the team seems to be the performance of Alex Avila and Jhonny Peralta, and Austin Jackson is coming around after a rough start.

Oakland A's

Bob Geren appears to be in trouble, or he would be on any other club. In Oakland, Rosenthal spoke with Billy Beane before the season and Beane said that he could not hold a manager accountable unless the team could win (and presumably wasn't). Rosenthal points out that the As, with Brett Anderson on the DL now, now have FIVE starting pitchers out of action. It would be hard to hold anybody accountable for that.

NL Central

Rosenthal also dished on the NL Central, in which Albert Pujols is heating up and giving the Cardinals some momentum. Combine that with Holliday coming back, and the Cards will be "very strong" down the stretch. He also notes that the Brewers are in a good position with their lineup and rotation, and will make a case for themselves in what could be a three-team race with the Cards and the Reds.

The Reds, which Rosenthal insists "could EASILY win the division," will either need to find help in left field or will need Jonny Gomes to get going.