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Potential Replacements For Alex Rodriguez At Third Base

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The New York Yankees got some bad news today when it was announced that 3B Alex Rodriguez will undergo surgery on his right knee on Monday to repair a torn meniscus. He is expected to miss four-to-six weeks.

Four-six-weeks puts Arod on schedule to return at the end of August, which means the Yankees could roll with Eduardo Nunez and Ramiro Pena as internal options to replace him for the short-term. But these are the Yankees and as the July 31st trade approaches, I can't imagine them sitting back and letting the ham n' eggers I mentioned above hold down the fort until Arod comes back.

I also can't see the Yankees sitting back because as much as Michael Kay and John Flaherty don't believe the Tampa Bay Rays are a threat (If you listened to their broadcast on Saturday, you'll know what I am talking about), they are are and they will challenge both the Yankees and Red Sox in the second half. So if the Yankees are to go outside the organization for "Seat fillers," let's look at their options.

Greg Dobbs, Florida Marlins: Dobbs is hitting .294/.338/.383 with two HR's in 231 PA's with the Marlins in 2011. Dobbs has postseason experience with the Philadelphia Phillies and when Arod comes back, Dobbs could serve as a useful left-handed pinch-hitter off the bench, which is something the Yankees don't currently have.

Kevin Kouzmanoff, Oakland A's: I am not sure Kouzmanoff is a better option that Nunez, but he is a solid defensive third baseman and can hit an occasional HR. Scott Sizemore is starting to see the majority of starts at third for the A's, so Billy Beane should have no more use for the former San Diego Padre.

Wilson Betemit, Kansas City Royals: Betemit played on the Yankees from 2007 - 2008, so the Yankees' organization is familiar with him. He's terrible in the field, but he has a pretty good stick. He came into Sunday's game with a .285/.345/.415 slash line with three HR's in 228 PA's.

Mike Aviles, Kansas City Royals: If the Yankees don't like Betemit, they could choose his teammate, Mike Aviles. With Mike Moustakas at third, Alcides Escobar at short, and Chris Getz at second, there is no room for Aviles on the Royals. Aviles has played third, short, and second for the Royals in 2011, so the Yankees could opt for his versatility.

Matt Downs, Houston Astros: Downs has always been a journeyman during his professional career, but he's a pretty impressive 2011 season. Who would have guessed that Downs would have a .271/.372/.552 slash line with six HR's in 113 PA's? Not me. I would imagine the Astros would part quicker with Downs than they would Chris Johnson.

Aaron Miles, Los Angeles Dodgers: Miles is hitting a surprising .316/.333/.376 on the season and the Dodgers don't have any long-term plans for Miles. He would be a true "seat filler" for the Yankees.