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Rangers Sign Nomar Mazara To Record-Setting Contract

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We've already heard among some of the major deals coming out of the Latin amateur market today, but things are just getting crazier.

ESPN's Enrique Rojas announced a bit ago that the Rangers have agreed to give Dominican outfielder Nomar Mazara a signing bonus of over $5 million, setting the record for the largest bonus ever given to an amateur international free agent. Mazara, 16, is considered to be one of the best power-hitting prospects to come out of Latin America in years, with some noting that they haven't seen a better one since Miguel Cabrera or Wily Mo Pena.

There are concerns about Mazara's hitting ability, and according to this post from our Rangers blog Lone Star Ball, he's faced little live pitching, with most of the hype coming from ridiculous batting practice showcases. Lone Star Ball notes that Mazara will likely end up in left field, so clearly the Rangers are banking on a Cabrera-like development path for the slugging teenager.