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Toronto Blue Jays Continue To Load Up On "Potential"

Every organization from software companies to the Department of Sanitation to sports teams bank on their employees reaching their potential. Potential is why those employees got hired in the first place. Potential is what makes leaders believe their company will be great.

However, potential is a very dangerous word. Potential is the reason why sometimes people get fired. When organizations load up on potential instead of loading up on sure things, that's when they can get in trouble.

The Toronto Blue Jays have a ton of potential that is either going to get GM Alex Anthopoulos fired or turn the Blue Jays into a winner.

Anthopoulos traded for Colby Rasmus today in the hopes that Rasmus can finally reach his potential. Rasmus joins Travis Snider, Adam Lind, Yunel Escobar, J.P. Arencibia, Brandon Morrow, Brett Cecil, and Kyle Drabek as players who either haven't reached their potential or have been inconsistent at the major league level.

As you can see, the Blue Jays' roster is littered with guys like Rasmus. Guys who were once top prospects either with the Blue Jays or another organization and came over in low-risk, high-reward trade like Morrow and Escobar.

Look at what their lineup could look like in 2012...

1. Yunel Escobar - SS

2. Brett Lowrie - 3B

3. Colby Rasmus - CF

4. Jose Bautista - RF

5. Adam Lind - 1B

6. Travis Snider - LF

7. Eric Thames - DH

8. J.P. Arencibia - C

9. Aaron Hill - 2B

I don't believe Hill's option will be picked up for 2012, but regardless, this lineup could be one of the league's best if everyone does what we think they can do. Bautista and Lind are the only guys who have proven they can get the job done over multiple seasons.

The Blue Jays are going to start needing these guys to reach their potential and be more consistent in order to compete in the very tough American League East. If not, then Anthopoulos will be like many of his former GM's and wonder what might have been.