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Rockies Rumors: Ubaldo Jimenez Trade Talk

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Ubaldo Jimenez is probably the best player left on the market at this point, which is likely why he won't get dealt in the end. But if the Rockies can somehow find a deal that allows them to ship out their ace, then it would likely qualify as the biggest deal of the summer. That alone makes this all worth keeping an eye on. So here are the latest rumors regarding Ubaldo Jimenez:

  • Keep an eye on the Indians as a possible dark horse suitor for Jimenez. ESPN's Jayson Stark spoke with one executive whose been in touch with the Indians that says, "the Indians are sending signals that their list of 'untouchables' in lesser deals wouldn't apply for someone like Jimenez." That could mean names like Alex White and Drew Pomeranz are on the table.
  • According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Yankees don't want to include Jesus Montero and Dellin Betances in the same deal unless they're landing a "sure-thing" and they don't view Jimenez in that light. This likely explains one of his previous tweets, where he noted that talks between the Rockies and Yankees haven't gone well.
  • Conflicting with some other reports, Jon Heyman of is reporting that the Red Sox are aggressively pursuing Jimenez. We'd previously heard that Boston isn't hot for the Rockies ace. Heyman also adds that the Indians, Reds and Jays are interested, while the Yankees are "lurking" or something like that.
  • If any Jimenez deal happens with Detroit, the package going to Colorado will almost certainly include Rick Porcello and/or Jacob Turner, according to CBS Sports' Danny Knobler. Porcello, 22, has a 4.02 FIP this season and already has 34 career wins under his belt. Turner is Detroit's top prospect, and one of the best pitching prospects in the game.