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MLB All-Star Game 2011 Rosters Out Today; Predictions?

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The wait is almost over, but that won't stop the MLB from teasing us as much as possible. In what appears to be their very own version of the NFL's increasingly-protracted draft first round, MLB has an entire show built around announcing which players are most popular (some of which actually great players).

After three months of balloting, Major League Baseball is set to announce the All-Star rosters today at noon (EST) on TBS. The Online-only polls closed just before midnight Thursday, and included a record-breaking 18.5M stuffed ballots with 250M votes, according to Mark Newman's prose captures the excitement best:

Now throw in the last week of intense digital voting, and those 20 million Firestone paper ballots distributed at 30 Major League and 100 Minor League ballparks, and those retail ballots sponsored by Scotts at more than 1,700 Lowes stores across the U.S., and you have a final tally that is astronomical and potentially translating into surprise results.

Several questions remain, including "who's getting the shaft for a washed-up but popular veteran?", "what happens when all the good shortstops are in the NL?", and "what will an All Star Game without Albert Pujols look like?"

There's little doubt some players will be included that shouldn't be, some players that will be snubbed, and an awful lot of hand-wringing by fans of bad teams that had an embarrassing inclusion (or worse, an infuriating snub for someone that looks "more like a baseball player").

Anyway, this is your last chance to go on the record before the official rosters are released. Post your proposed rosters so we can make fun of each other when we realize Alcides Escobar didn't really have a chance anyway.