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Arizona Diamondbacks Promote Paul Goldschmidt

After the Arizona Diamondbacks traded their starting first baseman Brandon Allen to the Oakland Athletics earlier today, they decided to call up top prospect Paul Goldschimdt from Double-A Mobile, according to Nick Piecoro.

Prior to this season, Goldschmidt did not even rank on Baseball America's top ten list for the D-backs. But after a monster season of a .306/.435/.626 line in Mobile, he ranked as the third D-back on their midseason list, behind Tyler Skaggs and Jarrod Parker.

Goldschmidt was drafted in the 8th round in 2009 and has an overall minor league line of .317/.407/.620. The D-backs home park Chase Field is a hitter's haven, which should help his transition to the major leagues. The Baseball Prospectus Annual had this to say about him before this season:

"Massive uppercut" is also the sum of Goldschmidt's baseball skills, as he has the speed and mobility of a very firm pudding. He's the classic all-bat, no-field first baseman—probably. We're sure about the latter part, but Goldschmidt will have to survive the Double-A test before we feel secure about the former.

He has definitely survived the Double-A test. Now we shall see if he can pass the Major League Test.