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Developing Story: Justin Verlander - No More No-No

UPDATE 3:22 ET: Maicer Izturis hit an RBI single with two outs in the eight inning, ending the no-hitter.

UPDATE 3:17 ET: Peter Bourjos grounded to third. The Tigers attempted to get Aybar out in a rundown, but the Verlander dropped the ball on an attempted tag, scoring the run. The play was scored as a fielder's choice, leaving the no-hitter intact.

UPDATE 3:15 PM ET: To lead off the bottom of the eight inning, Erick Aybar attempted a bunt hit. Verlander's throw was wild and the play was scored as an error.

After pitching a no-hitter earlier this year against the Toronto Blue Jays, Justin Verlander currently has a no-hitter against the Los Angeles Angels through seven innings.

Verlander has walked Bobby Abreu twice, ruining the possibility of a perfect game.

In the bottom of the seventh inning, Carlos Guillen hit a home run off of Jered Weaver and "show-boated" by watching it off the bat. Weaver immediately threw the next pitch right above Alex Avila's head, leading to an ejection.