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Heyman Dishes on MVPs, Wandy Rodriguez, Jose Reyes, Prince Fielder

As we approach the All-Star Game, the AL MVP is between Adrian Gonzalez, Jose Bautista, and Curtis Granderson, while the NL MVP is a race between Jose Reyes, Matt Kemp, Lance Berkman, and Prince Fielder, according to Jon Heyman. He also points out the ignominious honor of being the least valuable player is currently a race to the bottom between Adam Dunn and Dan Uggla -- both of which cost their teams millions to acquire and are producing very, very little. On with the rumors...

MLB News, Notes, and Rumors:

  • Houston Astros' Wandy Rodriguez may be the prize of this trade season, but there's no guarantee that Houston is in any mood to deal, considering their recent past and current ownership situation. However, they are talking to other teams.
  • The Mets will make an offer to Jose Reyes, but from the way I'm seeing things, there's no telling whether the offer will be for show or it will be a serious effort to retain one of the best players alive.
  • Heyman contends that Reyes could command more than Carl Crawford got from the Red Sox, which makes the previous point somewhat moot since the Mets will be in little position to offer the same $142M.
  • In what appears to be pure conjecture, Heyman floats the idea of Reyes going to division rival Phillies to replace Jimmy Rollins. With the Phillies seeing Ibanez, Lidge, and Rollins all potentially coming off the books, this idea is a very real possibility.
  • Yet another person in the know insists that there's "no way" Prince Fielder will remain in Milwaukee. Enjoy him while you can, Brew fans.