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Chicago Cubs and Dan Vogelbach Agree to Terms

Here is some video of Vogelbach at the plate and here is the video of him at the Power Showcase.

The Chicago Cubs and 2nd round draft pick Dan Vogelbach have agreed to a $1.6 million deal, according to Kendall Rogers. Vogelbach is a large, powerful left-handed first baseman out of the University of Florida. If you're looking for a lazy comparison, Prince Fielder is your guy. Vogelbach's physical stats are reported as 5'11" and 240 pounds.

Vogelbach took part in the Power Showcase at Chase Field in December and broke Bryce Harper's distance record with a 508 foot knock in Chase Field. This was with an aluminum bat, of course. Matt Garrioch at MLB Bonus Baby has a small write-up on him, where among the obvious power skills, Garrioch does mention that he has average speed.

With power like that, he will certainly get a chance to launch bombs out of Wrigley as the future Cubs first baseman.