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Washington Nationals Sign Anthony Rendon

This news is according to James Kilgore, the Washington Nationals have come to terms with all of their first round picks.

Unsurprisingly, this move also lasted right to the end. The Nationals, after going right to the deadline with Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper the past two years, did the same this year with another Scott Boras client in third baseman Anthony Rendon. Rendon has decided to forgo his senior year at Rice to enter the Nationals minor league system. Things were quiet on this front for quite a while. Perhaps the team and the player had not spoken to each other very much.

Rendon was a surprise to the Nationals at number six in the draft, dropping due to injury concerns with his ankle and shoulder.  Most experts had him going as the first or second overall pick.

With the signing, the Nationals are obviously focused on pure talent and not need in the system, with all-star Ryan Zimmerman manning the hot corner for them. There has been talk about Rendon moving to second base, but the Nationals will probably keep him at third for as long as possible.