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Toronto Blue Jays Unable to Sign 1st Round Draft Pick Tyler Beede

After Jon Heyman tweeted that there was concern that right-handed pitcher Tyler Beede would sign and that he and the Blue Jays were "millions apart," a deal was unable to get done. Keith Law and Kevin Goldstein had both spoken of a pre-draft deal with Beede, rumors that were apparently false.

Keith Law stated that Beede, the 21st overall pick, turned down $2.3 million to go to Vanderbilt. He is a product of Lawrence Academy in Groton, Massachusetts.

ESPN reports that Beede has a low 90's fastball, a two-seam fastball, a changeup and a curveball.

This pick was protected for the Blue Jays, meaning they will receive a compensation pick in next year's draft.

Beede had this to say on his Twitter feed:

For what its worth: I respect everyone's opinions, but only listen to mine! I cant please everyone and I can only do what makes me happy! Over the past month I've grown up a lot! I realize an education is priceless especially the Vanderbilt one! I thank the Jays fans for everything. You guys are great! But God has plans for me and that is college first..I'll be a big leaguer one day...just not for three years!

It is always a risky maneuver for a player to spurn an offer, especially one for a pitcher worth multiple millions of dollars. There is always the possibility of injury or poor performance in college, leading to a poorer offer or even none at all. Hopefully for Beede, this will work out for him and he will make it to the major leagues, albeit three years later.