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Kansas City Royals Extend Jeff Francoeur Contract 2 Years

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UPDATE (12:37 PM CST): Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star is reporting that the deal for Francoeur is worth $13.5 million over two years. I have to admit that's probably a bit higher than I ever would have gone for the right fielder.

ORIGINAL REPORT (10:23 AM CST): Jeff Francoeur's contract with the Kansas City Royals has been extended two years, according to Danny Knobler via twitter. The 27 year-old righty has had somewhat of a resurgent year with the Royals, hitting .278 / .328 / .465, all higher than his career averages in each.

This unsurprising-if-you-know-Dayton-Moore move locks down the right side of the field for the next two years in Kansas City, where Francoer's arm has been one of the bright spots on the dismal-record-but-bright-future youth-driven team.

The question for KC, which Dayton Moore is apparently answering, is whether or not Frenchy's eventual regression (we're still betting he'll regress to his career averages, right?) is a cost worth paying to have his cannon-arm in right field. His 'amazing leadership' notwithstanding, of course.

As noted in a @mlbdailydish tweet last night, the Royals have somehow managed to rank right in the middle (6th) of the American League for Total Bases, a decent measure of on-base ability (which admittedly ignores park factors, luck, and opposing defenses). However, their record as the 3rd-worst team in either league belies how badly they need pitching. Perhaps now Kansas City can start moving that direction.