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Cubs Fire Jim Hendry

I'll try to hold back my feelings here. I screamed profanity in joy for like ten minutes already, so I should be able to temper myself for at least a couple minutes to get through writing this post. But it has happened. Chicago, your Cubs are going to get a new GM.

According to Chicago sports broadcaster Scott Kaplan, the Cubs have dismissed GM Jim Hendry after roughly nine seasons on the job. Hendry was promoted to GM in 2002 and his contract goes through 2012, but after numerous rough seasons, bad contracts and a general distaste for his work, Chicago will finally have a new man at the helm.

Most people will remember Hendry for how the past few seasons have gone, marred with losses and unlikable players like Milton Bradley and Carlos Zambrano, but Cubs fans should remember that he did take the club to the playoffs three times in his first six years on the job. Unfortunately, he eschewed his farm system for a while in favor of pursuing free agents, and it left him with a shallow, inflexible organization.

I won't get too giddy until I know that the Cubs are going to replace him with the right guy, but this is a clear step in a new direction for them. And after what's gone on in Wrigley lately, most people would probably agree that a new direction is in order.