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Big Names May Still Be Moved in Trades

The July 31st trade deadline gets a ton of media attention and rightfully so.  A lot of big names have been traded away on the 31st or in the days leading up to it.  Ubaldo Jimenez, Carlos Beltran (twice), Mark Teixeira (twice), CC Sabathia, etc.  Aside from Beltran and Jimenez, the deadline action was pretty quiet this season.  We could still see some prominent names moved though.

What used to puzzle me in the past and what might still puzzle some baseball fans out there today is that the trade deadline that just passed less than two days ago is not actually the last day that a player can be traded.  The last day to make a trade during the season is actually on August 31st.  From here on out though, any player that gets traded will have to placed on waivers first which makes the process more complicated.

Buster Olney looks at some interesting names that could hit waivers and end up being moved before the August 31st deadline.


Bench bats such as Jason Giambi and Jim Thome could be highly sought after assets as contenders try to add final pieces to their rosters. Josh Willingham and Carlos Pena fit into that category as well, but they have a little bit more to add defensively which may force their current teams to ask for more than other teams are willing to offer. Ramon Hernandez and Jason Kubel could be on the move if the Reds and Twins, respectively, fall further out of the playoff race.  Carlos Quentin might be the most intriguing name that Olney mentions.  He's going to be a free agent after 2012 and he could command a solid return due to his power and relatively young age (29 on August 28).


Wandy Rodriguez and Jeremy Guthrie are two starting pitchers that were prominent names in the rumor mill prior to July 31st and still figure to be on the move before the season is out.  The $40 million left on Rodriguez' contract will probably allow him to pass through waivers without being claimed.  That would allow the Astros more flexibility if they decide to move him.  Kyle Farnsworth and Heath Bell figure to be placed on waivers as well, although it is just as likely that their teams keep them for the rest of 2011 and maybe beyond.

Even though the July 31st trade deadline gets all of the attention, there are still some interesting situations to keep tabs on.  As teams decide to throw up the white flag, more players become available.  In a way, the August 31st deadline can be more interesting because you will see teams do a lot of maneuvering in order to keep rival contenders from acquiring a key player.  So if you're feeling a bit down - like the day after Christmas - cheer up because there is plenty of action still to come