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Olney Dishes On Jered Weaver, Carlos Zambrano, Austin Jackson

Jered Weaver might have left $50-$60 million on the table by signing an extension with the Angels, according to Buster Olney. The thought process goes like this: if he follows the path of most Boras clients, Weaver plays through arbitration, gets traded by the Angels, and goes to the open market and commands $20M-$23M per year like CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee.

Instead, Weaver accepted $17M per year over five years (with a complete no-trade clause) so he could presumably finish out his days as an Angel, signing the biggest pitcher contract (and 2nd biggest overall contract) in Angels history.

Other MLB News, Notes, and Rumors

  • Cubs- as previously reported, Zambrano's days as a Cub are likely over as owner Tom Ricketts hinted at in the booth Saturday night. Interim GM Randy Bush has suggested that Zambrano could be traded.
  • The Austin Jackson throw from center field to cut off the tying run is taking on a life of its own, and hasn't happened in nearly three years. The last time a throw like that came out of center was September 27, 2008 -- when Darin Erstad threw out Pedro Felizafter a flyout from Shane Victorino.
  • Olney attempts (as John Romano's proxy) to give credence to the myth of "clutch," this time casting Johnny Damonas the magician of the moment. The idea is that he's hitting less foul balls and thus, more walk-off home runs. "Ok."