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Olney Dishes On Jim Thome, Heath Bell, Rich Harden

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Placed on waivers on Monday by the Minnesota Twins, Jim Thome should be in high demand over the next week according to Buster Olney (Insider only). The Indians, which need a DH now that Travis Hafner is on the disabled list, but the White Sox might claim him to block the move, and the Blue Jays might have an interest if only for the potential draft pick.

Other teams Olney suggests might be interested include the Rangers, Yankees, and essentially every NL team in the hunt, but especially the Giants, Diamondbacks, Brewers, Cardinals, and Phillies. Even the Braves, who are covered with Erik Hinske, could make a claim just to block the Phillies from doing so.

Other MLB News, Notes, and Rumors:

  • Heath Bell was placed on waivers by the San Diego Padres on Monday, and interested contending teams include Arizona and the newly closer-less San Francisco.
  • Other non-contending teams could be interested for the potential draft pick compensation for Bell could include Colorado or the New York Mets.
  • Rich Harden was claimed by Cleveland but Oakland withdrew his name after they couldn't work out a trade.
  • The 20th Win Watch for Justin Verlander is now underway, after he shut down the Rays last night for his 19th.