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Sherman Dishes On Weaver, Sabathia, Darvish

In his latest blog entry, Joel Sherman of the New York Post dishes on Jered Weaver, CC Sabathia, and Yu Darvish. Let's check out what the insider had to say:

  • The Jered Weaver extension reasserts the importance of building rotations internally. If you aren't developing pitching, or trading for it (e.g. Beltran for Wheeler swap) "then your team is going to be at the mercy of finding solutions in free agency."
  • Developing starters in the minors is more important than ever with fewer elite starters hitting the open market "is a pittance and, in simple supply and demand, it means the prices are going to be more exorbitant than ever."
  • Sherman wonders if the Yankees will give CC Sabathia another seven-year deal if the ace decides to opt-out at season's end. The Yankees were apprehensive about it the first time around, and Sabathia's biggest could very well approach 800 innings as a Yankee (including post-season) if and when he opts-out. 
  • "He (Yu Darvish) is coming, period,” one personnel man said. The 25-year-old Darvish is a 6-foot-5 pitcher who can sit in the mid-90s and is known for having an inventive and competitive spirit on the mound.