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NL Central News and Notes: Astros, Alonso, Berkman

NL Central Standings

Milwaukee 78 54 .590 0 Lost 1
St. Louis 67 63 .515 10 Lost 3
Cincinnati 64 66 .492 13 Won 1
Pittsburgh 61 68 .472 15.5 Won 1
Chicago 57 73 .438 20 Won 1
Houston 42 88 .323 35 Lost 4

(updated 8.24.2011 at 10:37 PM PDT)

The Platoon Advantage: Fix My Team!: The Houston Astros
That won’t win anything, so it’s best for the Astros to continue their slow rebuilding effort, adding young and inexpensive talent to the organization, and avoiding big moves

Analyzing The Extra 2%: Houston's Organizational Outlook - The Crawfish Boxes
Looking at Houston's franchise compared to the state Tampa Bay was in prior to the new regime.

Pirates Prospects " Developing Pitchers, Not Throwers
Pirates minor league pitchers have been hitting batters at a high rate this year, which would normally signify a wild pitcher, but the walk totals seem to tell an opposite story.

Alonso could see action at third base | News
With limited opportunities for playing time at first base behind Joey Votto, Yonder Alonso could see some action at third base during the final weeks of this season.

Lance Berkman expressed a desire to remain with St. Louis in 2012 | News
Lance Berkman told reporters on Wednesday that he intends to play in 2012, and that he'd love for it to be with the Cardinals.

Henry responds to speculation on Theo - Boston Red Sox Blog - ESPN Boston
Red Sox owner John W. Henry responded Wednesday night to speculation raised by's Buster Olney that the Chicago Cubs might approach the Red Sox about GM Theo Epstein as part of their search for a new general manager.