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Alex Rodriguez Facing Investigation Due to Poker Games

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Originally reported by, MLB will investigate Alex Rodriguez's apparent involvement in "an illegal poker game where cocaine was openly used and another which turned violent." There are also allegations of cocaine use at these games.

An MLB executive told ESPN New York that "because he had been warned about this before, I would say a possible suspension would be very much in play." A-Rod was warned back in 2005 about gambling by both MLB and the Yankees organization.

Rodriguez has been on the disabled list since July 8th after knee surgery. The initial diagnosis was that he would miss one to one and a half months, so he was scheduled to begin a rehab assignment sometime this week.

This year, A-Rod has had a bit of a bounceback, but still has yet to regain his pre-2010 form. His batting average is back up around .300 with an OPS of .852. In his prime, A-Rod would regularly post an OPS of over 1.000.

More details as they come, but this has also been reported by ESPN and Jon Heyman.