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NL West News and Notes: Uribe, Stauffer, Giambi

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NL West Standings

Arizona 76 59 .562 0 Won 7
San Francisco 71 63 .529 4.5 Lost 1
Colorado 64 71 .474 12 Lost 1
Los Angeles 62 70 .469 12.5 Lost 1
San Diego 60 74 .447 15.5 Lost 4

(updated 8.29.2011 at 9:38 PM PDT)


Giants stubbornly refuse to score 4 runs per game; Miguel Tejada needs to go " Bay Area Sports Guy
I rewound the bottom of the 11th again (a masochist, I am) to see the Tejada play in full. And wow, forget Rowand. Kick Tejada off the team. Tonight.

Uribe increasingly likely to miss rest of season | News
It may be unlikely that Juan Uribe will miss the rest of the Dodgers' season, but it's becoming more of a possibility with each passing day without the infielder's strained left hip making progress.

Padres not concerned with Stauffer's workload | News
By the end of the season, Padres right-hander Tim Stauffer will either come close to or more than double his innings output from a year ago.

Giambi's Greybearded Slugging - Baseball Analytics Blog - MLB Baseball Analytics
At age 40, Jason Giambi is still mashing.

Prospect of the Day: Eric Surkamp, LHP, San Francisco Giants - Minor League Ball
Prospect of the Day: Eric Surkamp, LHP, San Francisco Giants