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Twins offer OF Michael Cuddyer two-year extension

The Twins have offered outfielder Michael Cuddyer a two-year extension worth 16 million dollars, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The 32-year old outfielder has been in the Twins' organization since 1997, when he was taken with the 9th overall pick. Since then, he has compiled a career .273 batting average with a .345 OBP and .800 OPS, along with averaging about 15 home runs every season. 

Cuddyer is making 10.5 million dollars this season, but this deal would almost be a continuation of his last deal as his option was picked up in 2011 for 10.5. Prior to that option he had a three year deal worth 24 million dollars in place, according to Cot's Baseball Contracts. 

Despite the slight pay cut, Cuddyer seems likely to take the deal. He has been through it all with this club and it's not like he has to flee the Metrodome anymore. However, there are several teams that would eye his services and likely pay up on the open market.