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Detroit Tigers Extend Jim Leyland and Dave Dombrowski

The Detroit Tigers have announced that they are extending manager Jim Leyland's contract through 2012 and general manager Dave Dombrowki's contract through 2015. This comes as a reprieve to Leyland and Dombrowski, who according to Danny Knobler, had hinted that team leadership would be held accountable if the current team build didn't win.

The Tigers' current lead over the American League Central at 61-53, four games ahead of the Indians, certainly didn't hurt.

Leyland's tenure started in October 2005, after which he and Dombrowski took the Tigers to the World Series in 2006. He's led the team to a .500-or-better record every year but one since his arrival.

Danny Knobler further reports that Leyland's one-year contract is intentional and preferred: