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Baltimore Orioles GM Candidates

The Baltimore Orioles are beginning to look at general manager candidates and the few whispers making their way up the I-495 are that former Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes is a leading candidate to be the teams next GM. Let's take a quick look at Byrnes and two others who are on the Orioles' radar. 

Josh Byrnes, VP Baseball Operations with Padres: Byrnes worked for the Red Sox, Rockies, and Indians before becoming the Dbacks GM, where he built a team with very solid pieces to contend with. He may not be credited with all of it, but he did wonders for the Diamondbacks who are now NL contenders. The Orioles would benefit from his eye and his hybrid approach in analysis. He would also bring a team of veteran executives along with him.  

Jim Hendry, former Cubs General Manager: Hendry is one of the most respected guys in baseball, and was also one of the longest tenured GMs before being fired last month. He did not spend very efficiently in the market, but he did come away with some good signings even if the bad ones outshine the good ones. His tendency to make trades can be seen throughout his tenure, and his eye for quality talent is apparent in the draft and in some crafty trades for players like Michael Barrett, Mark DeRosa, and Ryan Dempster.

Kim Ng, Major League Baseball: Ng is senior VP of baseball operations with Major League Baseball, but her named has been tossed around as a candidate in the past and she could leave her MLB gig to try and turn the Orioles around. 

David Forst, Oakland Athletics assistant General Manager: Forst has been "next in line" in Oakland for a while behind Billy Beane, but Beane remains in Oakland and could be there for a long time. Forst makes sense to be Oakland's next GM, unless the team decides to go a completely new route and clean house. He has a lot of Beane in him but is also a very talented executive, who could probably do a lot long-term for the Orioles.