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Florida Marlins Release Mike Cameron

Following Monday night's win over the Braves, the Florida Marlins released  veteran outfielder Mike Cameron from the organization, according to Juan C. Rodriguez of the Sun Sentinel. By cutting Cameron lose, the Marlins will have to eat the remainder of the $716 thousand for the remainder of the season.

Mike Cameron started the year with the Boston Red Sox, but was then traded to the Florida Marlins after hitting only .149/.212/.266 in 105 plate appearances with Boston. After the trade, the veteran hit .239/.333/.423 with 6 homers in 163 plate appearances.

This could be it for the aging Mike Cameron, who will get an early vacation. It's hard to imagine the veteran getting anything more than a minor-league deal next season, if he chooses to play. If this is it for Cameron, he'll go down earning over $68 million in 17 seasons, and a career 52.8 fWAR (average of 3.1 fWAR per season).