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Cincinnati Reds To Retain GM Jocketty, Manager Baker

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Cincinnati Reds owner Bob Castellini shot down any speculation regarding general manager Walt Jocketty and manager Dusty Baker future with the team, writes Jon Fay on

General manager Walt Jocketty's contract is up after this season, and he won't talk about his contract status publicly. That has led to the inevitable speculation of his future with the team, and of course links to the Cubs vacant GM position.

Castellini essentially told Jon Fay Jocketty won't be going anywhere, same for the skipper Dusty Baker. Though the owner wouldn't shed light onto the negotiations, or if they were even extension talks, with Jocketty. But Fay believes Jocketty will be the GM of the Reds are long as he wants to be.

Like Jocketty, skipper Dusty Baker is in the safe as well. "Of course, he'll be back," said Reds' owner Bob Castellini on whether Baker will be retained for the 2012 season.