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Troy Renck: "The Rockies need starters."

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Last night, the Rockies lost their 82nd game, clinching a losing season. They entered 2011 with high hopes of making the playoffs, but have been surprisingly disappointing as they've failed to contend -- they're currently 16.5 games out of first place in the NL West. Troy Renck of the Denver Post writes that the Rockies should acquire more pitching this offseason to once again become a contending team.

  • He suggests that they have two choices: sign a free-agent bat like Michael Cuddyer or Josh Willingham, or bolster their rotation. 
  • Given the Rockies' "self-imposed payroll restrictions," Renck says the choice to go after a hitter or pitcher seems like an either-or decision. He suggests that, given the current state of the National League West, "the resources need to go toward arms."
  • Renck suggests that the Rockies could go after free agents Rich Harden and Kevin Millwood
  • He also names a few trade targets: Wandy Rodriguez, Matt Garza, and Carl Pavano.