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Cardinals, Lance Berkman Negotiations Slow

The St. Louis Cardinals and outfielder/first baseman Lance Berkman contract negotiations have slowed down recently, reports Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The two sides have been negotiating an one-year contract for Berkman to return next year. However, a disparity in financial worth has slowed negotiations.

Berkman reiterated his interest to return, he also acknowledged anything can happen once he hits the open market. The 35-year-old stated he isn't interested in taking a deal with incentives or options.

Regarding his preference for a one-year term with no strings attached, Berkman added, "I would think they would want that as well. I'm trying to be as accommodating as I can be in the situation. But I also feel like I've had a good enough season where I'd like for that to be acknowledged as well."

He does have a case; the Big Puma is hitting .296/.407/.550, while clubbing 30 homers in 545 plate appearances. An incredible bounce back from 2010, when many believed Berkman could no longer be an everyday contributor.