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Red Sox Tried For Chris Capuano, Deal Is Dead

UPDATE (12:05 EST): Well, that didn't last long. Joe McDonald of ESPN Boston is reporting that the Red Sox did in fact make a run for Capuano this week, but according to a source those talks are "dead" as of now. For now, the Red Sox are still looking at John Lackey and possibly Alfredo Aceves as options to take the mound against New York on Sunday.

ORIGINAL REPORT (12:00 PM EST): The Red Sox have been having a few issues with their starting pitching lately if you haven't heard, and apparently they've been spending the past few days working on some possible reinforcements.

Just ten days ago, our very own Adam suggested that the Sox should be calling the Mets for help. It turns out that Boston management was on the same page. According to John Tomase of the Boston Herald, efforts to improve the 2011 club have led the Sox to pursue Mets starter Chris Capuano.

Capauno, 33, signed a cheap, incentive-laden deal with the Mets after missing most of the preceding four years, but he's proven to be a dependable starter. If you've been watching Boston lately, you'll know fully well how much that team could use a couple of dependable pitchers. The plan would be to have Capuano start against the Yankees this weekend, but Tomase notes that it's highly unlikely that a deal is actually completed.

The pitcher wouldn't be eligible for Boston's postseason roster, though, as those players must already be on the club's 40-man roster by September 1.