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White Sox To Receive Ozzie Martinez, Jhan Marinez For Guillen

UPDATE (3:26 PM CDT): Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the other player going to Chicago is pitcher Jhan Marinez. Marinez was rated fourth among Marlins prospects by BA before the season, meaning the White Sox walk away from this deal with two legit prospects. ESPN's Keith Law had similar ranking for the two before the season, ranking shortstop Martinez sixth and Marinez seventh in his top-10 list for the Marlins.

Marinez, 23, is a powerful relief pitcher that spent 2011 in Double-A. He has top-notch stuff, with a fastball/slider combination that gives him the upside of a quality closer. In 58 innings this season, he posted a 3.57 ERA with 74 strikeouts and 42 walks in 58 innings. The K rate obviously reflects how good his stuff is, but you can tell from the number of walks that he's still battling command issues.

Either way, landing two prospects like Martinez and Marinez for a manager has to be considered a pretty strong move by Chicago.

ORIGINAL POST (11:38 PM CDT): We don't quite know all of the details regarding Ozzie Guillen's move to Florida yet, but we know a little more than we did before. According to Jesse Sanchez of, one of the players going to Chicago in the deal is middle infielder Osvaldo Martinez.

There's still another unannounced player in the deal, reportedly a pitcher, but Martinez is presumably the bigger name joining the White Sox. Martinez, 23, was rated by Baseball America as the Marlins' fifth-best prospect before the season, but he struggled a good deal in Triple-A this year and has seen his stock drop a bit.

A solid defender at shortstop that could easily slide over to second base, Martinez struggled to the tune of a .245/.296/.322 line in Triple-A this season. It's hard to envision him becoming much of a hitter in the majors, but his defense may allow him to become a solid role player. As Kevin Goldstein said recently, "To be honest, I'm surprised they got as much as Osvaldo Martinez."