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Red Sox, Manager Terry Francona To Part Ways

The Boston Red Sox and manager Terry Francona will meet Friday morning, but Terry Francona isn't likely to come out of it as Red Sox manager, according to FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal. The Red Sox wouldn't be firing Francona, but rather declining their 2012 and 2013 club options.

While Francona's departure is not certain, it is the likely outcome, in part because he is pressing for a resolution, sources say. He would not be fired; the Red Sox would simply decline their club options on him for 2012 and '13.

After blowing a nine-game lead of the AL Wild Card entering September, the Red Sox are clearly looking to put the blame on someone for their historic collapse. It looks like Terry Francona will be getting the biggest piece of their blame pie.

If let go, the Chicago White Sox are expected to have interest in Francona's services. Tito served five seasons as a manager in the White Sox's minor-league system. Also, The White Sox are looking for a long-term manager, and like any manager, Tito will be looking to sign a long-term deal. Now would be a perfect situation for the two parties to come together.