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Olney Dishes On Mauer, Morneau, Wright, Huff, Beane

Buster Olney's latest blog post is up over at, and as usual, it's got some nice tidbits of information in it. The post itself is Insider-only, so you're going to need to have a subscription in order to read the whole thing, but we've boiled it down to offer you guys the key ingredients here.

  • Olney spoke with Twins GM Bill Smith and came away concluding that the club probably needs to stand pat and cross its fingers regarding the health of superstars Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau. Without those two, Minnesota essentially won't be able to contend, so there's not much else the Twins can do at this point but hope they'll be 100% by next spring.
  • The Mets are expected to offer Jose Reyes a five-year contract, but they may be hesitant to push the term length beyond that. Additionally, Olney hears that the club will be taking offers for third baseman David Wright; he speculates that the Angels, Rockies or Mariners could be a potential fit.
  • He also doesn't think that the Giants will hand Aubrey Huff an everyday job once again in 2012, like they did this season.
  • Olney doesn't think that Andrew Friedman or Brian Cashman will leave their current organizations, and that Theo Epstein will be particularly difficult to pry from Boston. Billy Beane, on the other hand, may be an attainable target if the GM is interested in leaving Oakland.