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Ken Davidoff On Prince Fielder, Ryan Madson, Expanded Replay

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In Ken Davidoff's latest Sunday MLB Insider feature for Newsday, he shares thoughts on free-agents Prince Fielder and Ryan Madson while also discussing MLB's expanded replay. Let's check out what the national baseball writer had to say:

  • Prince Fielder wanted the Chicago Cubs, but the interest isn't mutual since the organization is going in full rebuild mode now under Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer.
  • Another possible suitor, the Washington Nationals, sign a Scott Boras client every year it seems (see: Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, Jayson Werth, Anthony Rendon, etc.) and could be a potential landing spot for Fielder. However, the Nats are a bit gun-shy, according to Davidoff, after spending a fortune on Jayson Werth last offseason.
  • Lastly, the Toronto Blue Jays aren't willing to go more than five-years and Scott Boras is looking for a couple of years more than that.
  • The Red Sox aren't going to be in on free-agent reliever Ryan Madson after trading for Andrew Bailey and Mark Melancon. Yankees won't be either, obviously, and there just aren't many teams out there looking for closer help.
  • Now that MLB has added balls down the lines and outfield trap plays to instant-replay review, Davidoff wonders how umpires will handle the managing of base runners.
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