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San Diego Padres: Carlos Quentin Reactions; Will His Power Translate to Petco?

The big move everyone is talking about this weekend is the Carlos Quentin trade to San Diego. Salary dump on the White Sox part or not, the question for the Padres is how much they gave up (nothing, it sounds like) and whether or not Quentin's power translates to Petco Park. Some say yes, some say no (and the fans seem excited):

  • Padres Experiment With Quentin - Buster Olney (Insider)
    "For San Diego, Quentin could be a short-term experiment. It's possible that the Padres could negotiate a very team-friendly two- or three-year deal with the slugger in the next six weeks, as it goes through the arbitration process, but it's hard to imagine San Diego would invest heavily in Quentin until it gauges how long he can stay on the field and how his power translates to Petco Park."
  • Trying to Make Sense of the Carlos Quentin Deal - Beyond the Box Score
    At first glance, acquiring Carlos Quentin doesn't make a lot of sense for the Padres. But maybe there is something more to Josh Byrnes' thinking.