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Reds, Ryan Madson in Serious Talks

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According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the Cincinnati Reds' talks with Ryan Madson are "heating up." They're also reportedly talking to Francisco Cordero, who spent the last four years in Cincinnati. Chances are they'll sign one of the two.

Madson, 31, has notched a 123 ERA+ in 630 innings with the Philadelphia Phillies since debuting back in 2003. The right-hander is coming off an especially good season as the team's closer: 2.37 ERA, 164 ERA+, 3.88 K/BB in 62 appearances (60.2 innings pitched).

Madson was very close to signing with the Phillies earlier this offseason, but the deal fell through, and the team went with Jonathan Papelbon instead. They apparently checked in with Madson recently, though they're not likely to bring him back at this point. Instead, Heyman writes that they could sign Brad Lidge or Kerry Wood.