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Scott Boras On Carlos Pena, Johnny Damon

Super agent Scott Boras represents several of the most expensive players on the market right now, such as Prince Fielder, Ryan Madson and Edwin Jackson. But Boras also represents some cheaper options available as well, like Carlos Pena and Johnny Damon, that are looking for one-and-done contracts. Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times spoke with the super agent about the two former Rays, let's take a look at what he had to say...

  • Carlos Pena is receiving interest from "a number of clubs" and is "going through the customary negotiations.'' Unlike last season, Boras expects Pena to receive a multi-year deal this time around in free agency.
  • While Damon negotiates with at least one other team, he would like to return to Tampa, and Boras didn't close the door on Damon (or Pena for that matter) making a return. However, we don't know if the feeling is mutual.
  • "I think the Rays need offense,'' Boras said. "And both players enjoyed playing there.''
  • On another note, Boras believes the free agent market is slow this offseason because of the unusual amount of trades happening around the league.