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Prince Fielder, Nationals Discussions Heating Up

Prince Fielder is the last real superstar on the free agent market this year, and the current round of rumors still swirl mostly around the Nationals. Fielder's market took a significant hit when both the Yankees and Red Sox were out of the running before it began, the Angels made the mega-deal for Albert Pujols, the Cubs traded for Anthony Rizzo, and the Mariners apparently only have a few million left to spend this off-season. That brings us to late last night, when the Nats ownership, Ted and Mark Lerner, met with Fielder's agent, Scott Boras.

Adam Kilgore of the The Washington Post is reporting that the Nationals are still aggressively trying to sign Fielder, despite Bill Ladson's report that there's little chance it happens. This is conjecture on my part, but Ladson may just be towing the team line to bring down the price. The other Fielder news coming out of the evening is that Boras is suggesting that the slugger will sign well before Spring Training -- but implies he isn't afraid to take negotiations all the way to the edge: