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Royals Notes: Hosmer Training with A-Rod; Cain Expectations

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The Kansas City Royals enter 2012 with higher expectations than the team has had in nearly a decade, with Eric Hosmer a legitimate potential superstar and a lineup to compliment his ability, generating a real offense for the first time in nearly as long.

So when I read, "Eric Hosmer is training with Alex Rodriguez," I take notice, and so should you. Other notes on the Royals include speculation on and expectations of Lorenzo Cain, and a look back at the 2010 draft:

  • Lorenzo Cain Should Be Ready - Rany on the Royals
    "For Cain, this means that there should be no adjustment process to the major leagues, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he comes out of the gate as one of the Royals’ hottest hitters in April. For the Royals, it means the days of rushing guys to the major leagues are long over."
  • 40 Man Roster Review – Lorenzo Cain - Royals Authority
    "When the Royals traded Melky Cabrera to the Giants in November, all eyes shifted towards Lorenzo Cain who was acquired as part of the Zack Greinke trade with the Milwaukee Brewers last season. After spending 7 years in the minors, it’s finally time for Lorenzo Cain to get his shot to prove he belongs in the big leagues."
  • Looking Back at the 2010 Draft, Again - Royals Review
    "By the time the draft rolled around, the plaudits were already rolling in, the Royals were back, the Royals knew how to draft and develop talent, the pipeline was bursting, etc. Then the Royals went college-heavy, really college heavy. Did this mean they thought they were getting close? That's what just about everyone thought."