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Montero/Pineda Trade Reactions Blowout

The New York Yankees traded highly-touted catching prospect Jesus Montero to the Seattle Mariners in exchange to highly-touted and really big (really big) right handed pitcher Michael Pineda. Those are the facts. But what's the reaction?

Most people are saying the Yankees get a slight edge since it makes them World Series favorites (not to mention their second act in signing Hiroki Kuroda to finish off a complete re-vamp of their rotation), but there's no shortage of angst among both fanbases. Let's take a look at some of the best insight and reaction:

Yankees quickly turn pitching weakness into strength - Jeff Passan
"Few other teams have the resources to trade for one of the best young pitchers in baseball, then sign one of the best free-agent pitchers available. Even fewer have the moxie to wait out both markets, hope other teams don’t snipe their targets and in the middle of January, about five weeks away from spring training, perform an on-the-fly facelift."

  • Twitter / @JonHeymanCBS - "yankees tried for #felix before acquiring pineda. #mariners wouldnt budge. #yanks woulda offered montero/banuelos/betances/etc./etc"
  • Twitter / @Joelsherman1 - "Yankees #Mariners have been talking for weeks about this deal. Both told each other limited $ to address needs. Sea said only deal"
  • Twitter / @Joelsherman1 - "Pineda for middle-order bat, Yanks say only deal Montero for top-rotation SP. So deal was made on that"
  • Twitter / @Joelsherman1 - "Feedbck from 4 GMs and all liked trade for #Yankees. One said, 'They had great trade chip (Montero) and used it wisely"
  • Twitter / @jonmorosi - Yankees know a lot of their older regulars will need DH days to stay fresh. Thus, less painful to trade Montero.

Bernie Pleskoff: Megadeal helps both Seattle, New York | News
"Seattle gains a core hitter and a strong pitching prospect to fit into the rotation. New York adds an impact starter with a very bright future and high ceiling. The risk for both clubs is low. The reward for both clubs is outstanding. This could be a transformational deal that will have fans of both clubs buzzing about for a long time."

So, wow … Pineda for Montero, indeed " Mariners Musings
"And I suspect replacing Pineda eventually with a Danny Hultzen and James Paxton or Erasmo Ramirez — and eventually Taijuan Walker — will be far easier than finding big-time hitters to come to Safeco. And signing a free-agent pitcher to come perform in Safeco will be far easier than convincing Prince Fielder or the next big bat that comes available."

  • Twitter / @Buster_ESPN - "Strong reaction so far from other teams: Some execs from other AL East teams believe Yankees just made an incredible trade."

Lyle Spencer: Gutsy deal is worth risk for Mariners, Yankees | News
"It could be one of those ideal deals that works to the benefit of everyone involved. On the other hand, it could turn out to be wonderful on one end, disastrous on the other. There will be no snap judgments. We'll need close to a half-dozen seasons, most likely, to get a true gauge on this trade."

Late Night Thoughts - Hiroki Kuroda, Michael Pineda, Jose Campos, and the New York Yankees - Pinstripe Alley
"Part of me is glad to see Jesus Montero go. I've repeated this ad naseum (and I will change the tagline at the end of my posts after this one last honorary hurrah), but with 1B and DH effectively blocked by older, more expensive players, his only place on this roster was as a catcher, something the Yankees brass never seemed that enthused about."

So Michael Pineda Is Leaving And Jesus Montero Is Coming - Lookout Landing
"I can't get over the fact that the Mariners now have Justin Smoak and Jesus Montero. I didn't think that was allowed. Smoak, Montero and Dustin Ackley could potentially - potentially - form a dynamite offensive core. Not long ago that trio would've made baseball people lose their shit. Before the 2010 season - the last time Smoak was rated - Baseball America had Smoak as baseball's #13 prospect, Ackley as baseball's #12 prospect, and Montero as baseball's #4 prospect."

Despite Moving from Safeco, Michael Pineda Should Thrive as a Yankee - Beyond the Box Score
"Even with Pineda sporting a GB/FB ratio below one (44.8% FB% in 2011), his stuff should play very well in New York. If you look at ERA estimators that factor in batted ball profiles, Pineda still comes out looking like a top of the rotation starter. Last year, Pineda posted a tERA of 3.42 and a SIERA of 3.36. Both of those metrics take a pitchers' batted ball profile into account when estimating their ERA. Those types of numbers easily slot Pineda in as a strong #2 behind Sabathia."