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Tigers Sign Porcello to 1-year, $3.1M Deal; Coke to $1.1M deal

Update: The Detroit News also reports that the Detroit Tigers have also signed Phil Coke to a one year agreement, avoiding arbitration. Coke's deal is for $1.1 m.

The Detroit Tigers have signed Rick Porcello to a 1-year, $3.1 million deal according to Tim Dierkes of MLBTradeRumors. Jason Beck of has confirmed the report, and notes that Porcello has four more seasons before he's eligibile for free agency.

Porcello enters his 4th season in 2012, all of which have been spent with Detroit. Just 23, he's been "good" for a career 4.54 ERA but has still managed to win 38 games over 3 seasons in front of a decent offense. He's also had surprising durability, averaging 30 starts and 172 innings pitched per season.

  • Tigers avoid arbitration with Porcello - Jason Beck
    "Porcello was eligible for arbitration for the first time as a super-2 player, not getting the three full seasons to be eligible under traditional rules but having enough time short of three seasons to qualify. He has four more seasons before he’s eligible for free agency, so the motivation to sign him to a long-term deal was minimal."
  • Tigers Avoid Arbitration With Rick Porcello - Tim Dierkes |
    "The Tigers avoided arbitration with starter Rick Porcello, MLBTR has learned, agreeing to a one-year deal worth $3.1MM. Porcello recently made the easy decision to take arbitration over a $1.344MM option in the Major League deal he signed when drafted. Porcello started from a higher salary than most pre-arbitration players, at $1.536MM in 2011 from that Major League deal."