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Orioles Interested in Francisco Cordero

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The Baltimore Orioles are reportedly interested in free agent closer Francisco Cordero, according to Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun. Connolly points out that Jim Johnson is the assumed closer, but a one-year deal might bring in Cordero, who saved 150 games over the last four years.

Connolly also mentions that the Orioles were trying to work a deal with the Seattle Mariners for Brandon League, but there was no match.

  • Twitter / @danconnollysun - "Altho talks r prelim, #Orioles have shown interest in FA closer Francisco Cordero, source says. Interesting since Johnson was assumed closer"
  • Twitter / @danconnollysun - "Cordero has saved 150 games in last 4 yrs, but most teams have filled that spot. He could be a 1-yr option. Became a FT closer under Buck"
  • Twitter / @danconnollysun - "Orioles have looked at other closing poss. this offseason. Had prelim talks w #Mariners in Dec about League (and LHP Vargas) but no match"
  • Twitter / @danconnollysun - "Jim Johnson still fave as closer. Saved 8 straight from Aug 14 on. #Orioles would deal Gregg and absorb some $ w right trade partner"

So, What's Left? A Look At Remaining Right-Handed Relief Pitchers - MLB Daily Dish
If you're looking for that established Closer, you're looking at one final option. Ryan Madson's recent signing with Cincinnati leaves the man he replaces, Francisco Cordero, as the lone remaining option for any team that's looking at what would be considered a Closer. Unfortunately, the 36-year-old didn't pitch great last season once you get past the ERA and save numbers. His strikeout numbers were the lowest of his career, he's losing velocity and he's already shown cracks in his armor. He's still a decent option on a one-year deal, but there isn't another top-level closer on the market.