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Theo Epstein Compensation on Bud Selig's Desk

Gordon Wittenmeyer from the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that the compensation to the Boston Red Sox for executive Theo Epstein is now in the hands of MLB commissioner Bud Selig.

The Red Sox requested this to be the case in late December. In October, the Chicago Cubs hired Epstein to be their president of baseball operations and since then, the two teams have not been able to come to an agreement on what Boston should get in return.

Epstein said on Boston radio show Dennis and Callahan last week that in the history of baseball, not many teams have received any elite talent for a front office executive, so it seems like he is setting Boston fans up for disappointment as far as what the compensation will be.

Now it is in Selig's hands, and we should soon find out what the Red Sox will get for the general manager who led them to two World Series titles.