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Mets Rumors: David Wright; Arbitration Updates; That Injury Thing

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Lots of juice for the Amazin's this afternoon, so let's jump in. Buster Olney is speculating that David Wright will likely be traded in July (if at all), the club made a few deals to avoid abritration, there's some front office/trial updates, and then there's that amazing blowup that Adam Rubin spewed out on twitter yesterday, apparently after one spin/denial from Alderson too many.

Make sure and read Amazin' Avenue's coverage of the event to get a full grasp of what happened. It's no small deal.

  • Call the Doctor - Amazin' Avenue
    "It began when Rubin took slight exception to a statement Sandy Alderson made to Newsday regarding Ike Davis's mysterious ankle ailment. In Rubin's view, this was "spin," and proceeded to tweet why he felt this way. Then, the floodgates opened, as he let forth a torrent of tweets expressing frustration with the Mets' shoddy treatment of injuries in the last few seasons." <-- does this remind anyone of the Rany Jazayerli blowup w/the Royals?
  • Q&A: about Mets injuries with SI’s injury expert Will Carroll |
    "Will Carroll: 'The Mets had that one massive year of horrible luck and have been bouncing back since. There are certainly issues but I’ve always said they’re as much about public relations as they are about medical issues. They’re not the "worst" in terms of results.'"
  • Mets' Ike Davis working the comeback trail -
    "It was another embarrassing series of medical events for the Mets. From Ryan Church's concussions to Jose Reyes' hamstrings to Carlos Beltran's knee to Johan Santana's shoulder, the Mets seem to always be defending their medical staff. But Davis said he did not blame the medical staff, even though they initially had him put the ankle in a boot, which did not help and may have restricted circulation to the area."
  • Twitter / @ajcbraves - "77 days from today, when #Braves open at Citi Field vs. #Mets, each will have approx. $90M payroll. Welcome to the middle class, NYM."