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Tigers Rumors: Victor Martinez, Org Chart, Free Agent Options, Arbitration Update

It's always chaos when a great player that has a position locked down on a contending team, and the news that Victor Martinez of the Detroit Tigers will be lost for the year is no different. Now add in the fact that we're nearing the end of the off-season and there are fewer and fewer options to replace him, and you can see both the urgency and the resulting self-assuring "we got this" stuff from the fans. Don't be fooled: the Tigers need to do something, and likely will.

That said, Buster Olney points out that many teams are using the DH slot (V-Mart's home) as something of a flex position, giving guys rest, etc. Olney also mentions in an abstract tweet suggesting they don't even have to spend a lot of money on remaining FA's since the players will be desperate for anything at this point.

Kurt Menshing of Bless You Boys makes the same point, and Jon Paul Morosi says the club will likely make the playoffs anyway, since the AL Central is mostly in flux (I'd say complete disaster, barring a miracle shot the Royals find one more serious starter, but hey).

Then there's arbitration stuff and a SWEET new complete organizational chart that we're building and maintaining here at MLBDD, and it needs your love. Tell us what you think: