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Orioles Rumors: Galarraga, Machado, Org Chart, International Prospects

The lastest out of Baltimore has the team talking to Armando Galarrago about a minor league deal, the number one shortstop prospect, a complete organizational chart that we're working on, and some interesting notes about the Orioles supposedly signing a 17 year-old softball player from New Zealand (take with a several spoons of salt):

  • Updates on Galarraga, Machado and Arrieta - Britt Ghiroli
    "I’m told that the Orioles haven’t officially reached an agreement with right-hander Armando Galarraga, despite several reports that he signed a Minor League deal. They are still talking to him and there’s a good chance a deal get’s done, but as of early Wednesday evening there’s no agreement in place."
  • Baltimore Orioles Complete Organizational Chart - MLB Daily Dish
    "..It's a complete organizational chart, from the upstairs offices all the way down to the last open bench spot in Single A, and it includes salary, arbitration, and option details in a single handy chart you can't get anywhere else."